Buffalo Mountain

Posted: November 21, 2012 in grief, nature
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I had a distant memory that Tony once took me for a scenic drive, up mountainous, curvy roads. We seemed to have ended up at the base of this huge windmill. I never knew where we had been, how we ended up there, or even how Tony knew about it.  And that was that.

Until one day, I was driving back home from Knoxville when I squinted at the view in the distance. Could it be??! Was I actually seeing some windmills on the horizon? Yes! I was! How had I never noticed them before? Why was I noticing them now? And so every time I’d drive on the Pellissippi Parkway, I’d anticipate the exact curves and best vantage points to see the windmills. Smiling for no apparent reason, my heart lifted each time I spotted them…the spinning arms of the windmills transposed to waves from my Tony.

It wasn’t enough to see these windmills from a distance any longer. I just had to find out where had we gone, where had we been, where exactly are these windmills? Enter Internet research and asking questions of locals, I learned the windmills are located on Buffalo Mountain in Roane County. I found my way there and stood at the base of one of the huge windmills. I didn’t think I’d ever be here again.

  1. Debra Reagan says:

    Another wonderful and warming post!! Thank you for sharing. I especially like the part about the windmills sending you waves. 🙂

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