Not So Much a Resolution

Posted: January 13, 2013 in grief
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I’ve started off the year with a commitment, not so much a resolution, to seek and focus on a different positive endeavor each week to remind me of how life goes on, and I’d best embrace it while I’m here. I’ll feel better if I do.

Systematic as always, I purchased a magnetic dry erase board and a packet of different colored markers. I set the stage on my refrigerator, where I’d be sure to notice my commitment and track my progress for the week. Then, I brainstormed 26 different activities (to be repeated once throughout the year) to focus on that which will enrich my mind, bring me serenity, soothe my soul–you get the picture–throughout the week. I typed up my list of 52 items, printed it out, and cut them into little strips, and placed them in a crystal bowl.

2013-01-13 10.31.07

So, I’ve finished Week 1. The strip I pulled was READING. My focus for the week was on reading, not TV watching, not socializing, not snacking. Simply reading a variety of materials that would sometimes challenge me, other times educate me, and even inspire me.

2013-01-12 21.11.26And I’ve started Week 2. This week, the focus is NATURE. I wanted that one to come up in the Spring or Summer. Nevertheless, I thought about it and decided I wouldn’t wait another minute to start this week’s positivity journey.

Still in my pajamas, I grabbed a chair and a throw, and sat on my back patio. I closed my eyes and just listened. So many chirping birds called from every direction. Then, an errant raindrop or two, rustled the leaves of the trees after last night’s rain. I transported myself to an urban nature sanctuary, since I could still hear the traffic on the Turnpike. I kept my eyes closed so instead of my view of the neighbor’s junky yard, I pictured the mountains or the woods.

At peace, this week offers gems in nature if I seek them out.

  1. Orlando says:

    wonderful commitment!! Most definitely will bring depth to each positive endeavor, which would probably be passed by without the actual thought process behind it.

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