He is in Flight

Posted: July 21, 2013 in grief
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I am convinced that my Tony’s spirit is in the birds. One of his closest friends told me he had gone to play frisbee golf (he and Tony used to go to this place frequently), and a tiny bird landed on one of his buddies’ shoulder and stayed with the group for several rounds!! A few days later Tony’s aunt told me of how she had climbed on top of a low roof at his grandparents’ house to help a bird that kept bumping and bumping into the laundry room window because he couldn’t figure out how to fly in the other direction. She reached the bird and cupped it in her hand as she made her way back down the laundry room roof, and when she opened her hand to release the bird, it didn’t fly away. She had time to go back to her car and take a picture, and then she gently raised her arms and gave the bird a lift to encourage him to fly, and he did!!

I think Tony’s spirit was connecting with some of his favorite people, and then he made it so that both of them had the opportunity to tell me about their experiences! I so desperately wanted a bird shout-out too.

Well….earlier this week, I went for a short walk in my neighborhood in the early hours. Just as I was on the final stretch towards home, I looked up above me and there was a formation of birds (it might have been geese) in what would normally be a “V” like they fly for the tailwinds, but this formation looked more like a “T” because there were two or three lead birds instead of one!!!!!!!! My shout out!!!! Oh, how I wished I had my camera with me, but still, I treasured the moment and finished my walk with a serene smile on my face.

Neither one of them connected their experiences with Tony, so I believe that is why they were in a position to tell me their stories: (1) so I could see the connection that Tony was trying to convey, (2) so I could have the gift of seeing Tony’s spirit through them, (3) so I would be prepared to recognize my own sign when I saw the geese flying in that crooked formation!


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