A Dream

Posted: November 13, 2013 in dreams, grief
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We were somewhere, and he was about 12. I think it was a hospital, but I’m not sure. He had a big piece of equipment with him, like a black TV, computer, or monitor. We didn’t know how to get out of the building without being stopped, and then I had an idea for him to go to the lobby and for me to drive up and pick him up from there. I was driving a pick-up truck. Next scene, instead of him riding with me, he was on a bike, and he told me he would follow me. I kept looking in my rear view mirror to make sure I could see him, and I saw him waving in the distance. I wasn’t sure if that meant he needed me to stop because he needed help or if he was just waving hello, so I pulled into a parking space to wait for him. When he caught up with me, he asked me why I stopped, but since I had he would get rid of the TV/computer/monitor and put it in the back of my truck. We kept going where we were headed, in our separate vehicles: me in the truck, him riding his bike. It looked like where we were going was a road that became a beautiful open field.

English: Sunset Field

English: Sunset Field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[My interpretation: I have been so busy with my volunteer work, and I have been thinking of my grief on a more global level. I stand outside at night, holding my kitty, looking up at the clouds or the stars or the moon, and I ask Tony if he knows that I still miss him, I still care, I still think about him daily, that I will never forget, that I will never stop loving.  I think it was a dream visit, letting me know that I have work to do here, and he has work to do there; that he is with me even as we are on separate paths; that we are still connected by love, always and forever, for love never dies. We will be together one day, but until that time we will continue on our separate journeys.]




  1. Debra Reagan says:

    Thank you for sharing your dream. You and Tony are forever connected and you both do have work. 🙂

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