Oh My Dear

Posted: February 27, 2014 in grief
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This morning’s walk showed improvement.

As I made progress, “No Words” by Alan Pederson played. Memories flooded.

Soon, “The Promise” by Secret Garden.

In the distance, I spotted a deer, calmly stepping onto the sidewalk.  I slowed my pace to not scare it away, and he looked towards me and batted his ears. A car approached, and he scampered further into a yard. I continued walking towards where he had been, and as I arrived there he stood at the edge of the wooded yard. I could barely make out his spindly legs to know that he hadn’t left and my eyes scanned up his body. He was facing me, calmly munching on grass before he bent down for another bite. A big grin spread across my face for this shout-out that so lifted my heart. My dear, Tony’s spirit, manifested in the gentle deer, confirmed by the next song that played: Roll Up, Wiz Khalifa, with all of its history for me.


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