With Me

Posted: April 4, 2014 in art, feelings, music, travel
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From the beginning of this road trip to New York,  the shout outs have consistently appeared to let me know he is with me, always.
The raised drumsticks as we left Tennessee.


Drumstick contrails

Upon check-in at our Rochester hotel,  a sign let us know the night manager on duty was Tony.

The next morning, we walked the pier at Lake Ontario until we reached the lighthouse. In big bold letters, someone had written at the highest point within reach, “Always RIP.” Lisa,  Michelle,  Taylor, and I added our own messages of love and friendship to the lighthouse. As we stood at the end of the pier,  the juxtaposition between life and death was apparent in the obvious split between the clear waters of the lake and the murky waters of the driftwood-lined shores.


Lake Ontario, New York

Of course,  he was in the midst of Michelle’s body of work of her “I Could Go With You” show at the art gallery, depicting her journey from the pain of traumatic loss to the consistent renewal of life and love.


Michelle Bablitz

We celebrated her success at Lovin’ Cup, a local restaurant that is part of the Rochester Institute of Technology campus,  open to the public. As we waited to be seated, I noticed the music theme of the restaurant and the trumpet and cymbal embedded in the wall art.


Wall art at Lovin' Cup

As we perused the menu,  Celeste made her selection in tribute to Tony, The Heavy Metal Drummer,  a chicken panini!

Now,  on the Megabus to New York City, we continue to live in the moment, and I know his spirit lives on within me. He is with me always.


Live in the moment for the sole reason there might not be a next


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