Just for You and Drumsticks

Posted: October 19, 2014 in communications, grief, signs
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A favorite children’s book of Tony’s was “Just for You” by Mercer Meyer, the story of a little critter who tries very hard to do good deeds to please his mama.

On my walk this morning, I listened to Tony’s little 4-year-old recorded voice on my iPod, reading this story. As he reached the end of the story, he read of the little critter who finally does do the perfect good deed: a hug and a kiss for his mama. I remember little Tony making the gestures as he read.

The next voice I hear in the recording is mine, asking “What is that?” [What did you do just for me?]. I hear the smooching sound of a little-boy kiss, followed by the rustling sounds of a hug. Warm memories that left my arms feeling  empty and my heart so nostalgic.

I sighed, and then I took a step forward to continue my walk and immediately received the shout-out that I needed to see! He is still with me, now and always. His spirit lives on in me!! Crossed drumsticks in the form of clouds, jet contrails, twigs, branches, and other natural sources have come to symbolize the shout-outs from my musician, drummer, beloved son.

sidewalk with two crossed bark from a tree in the shape of crossed drumsticks

Crossed “drumsticks” from tree bark


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