Shout Outs

Posted: May 22, 2013 in grief, nature
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Amid the swirls of morning mist, I caught a glimpse of the sun as it rose this morning. I stood transfixed, watching it until it hid behind a cloud. From yesterday’s sudden winds and sideways rain in a matter of minutes, to this morning’s glorious spectacle– nature’s beauty never ceases to amaze me.

My senses were alive, as I continued on my walk. I wish I knew the names of plants and species of birds to describe them here, but alas I don’t. Perhaps it was honeysuckle that I smelled each time I approached the bend of a certain portion of the elementary school track. I know it was a robin that perched on a bench momentarily. One red bird, perhaps a cardinal, hopped his way across the track, not quite ready to take flight. On the road, I was accompanied by one with white streaks in his tail. As I walked, he moved from one portion of telephone wire to the next for several yards, keeping me in his sights the entire time. I could hear the songs of birds, singing above the music on my iPod.

I felt comforted by the random playlist as a number of songs played in the perfect sequence. These particular songs made me feel as if they were shout-outs from my Tony. And then I was convinced of it, as Whiz Khalifa’s “Roll Up” came on because it was this song that was one of my earliest signs! It brought an immediate smile to my face, as I finished my walk.  “Roll Up” ended before I reached my house, so I looked down at my iPod to make a specific selection to bring me in.

I stopped. I didn’t have to wonder about my choice. I didn’t have to try to make a sign fit. I grinned, as I ended the walk with “Home” by Philip Phillips.

  1. Anne says:

    I like reading all your posts Amparo. They give me such inspiration and hope!

  2. Debra Reagan says:


  3. Debra Reagan says:

    Your latest post gave me chill bumps. You do a great job conveying your journey. Keep it up.

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