How Grief Has Changed Me

Posted: November 6, 2014 in grief, guilt, hope
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Grief is a lonely, unpredictable, tiring journey. It’s like being asked to climb Mt. Everest when you can barely walk a block.

The hopeful qualities I have found within me:

  1. I feel more compassion and empathy.
  2. I have a deeper understanding of personal values, of what is important to me.
  3. I hold a greater value to my personal relationships.

What I now know without a shadow of a doubt:

  1. Love survives beyond our lives.
  2. Subtle signs are whispers of love. They are our connection to the soul, and they survive death.
  3. Energy does not cease to exist; it only changes form.

What I have to believe for my sanity:

  1. There is a peaceful transition at the moment of death.
  2. He did not experience pain or fear.
  3. Life will carry me to the point that leads to more than just breathing; it will have meaning once again because I have made the decision to stay invested in life.

What I have to live with:

  1. Regret and guilt is my unfinished emotional business.
  2. Living without you is not an easy thing to do. There will always be a missing part of me for the rest of my days.


I promise my love for you will never end.

  1. Orlando Atencio says:

    Your words truly keep the love for Tony alive.

    I do believe of a peaceful transition atthe moment of death.

    I believe we will all share energy with all our angels past and future.

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