As the Wind Blows

Posted: April 2, 2013 in grief
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A serene walk led me to Tony’s beloved quarry after many days of rain, cold, fog, and even some snow. The path was still muddy in places, but the reflection of the sun shimmering on the water and the small ripples of fish or perhaps tadpoles beckoned as I approached the quarry. A hint of Spring was in the air, a reminder of the passage of time, another season to face without my only son.

As I got off the main path, I made my way to the water’s edge, following an even muddier trail. A large flat rock, perfect for contemplation, was an inviting surface for me to sit a while and think of my journey thus far. I started my playlist and listened to words that captured exactly how I felt. I closed my eyes and felt the sun on my face, and the tears came, followed by the sobs. I don’t know the exact trigger, but contemplation had become deep sadness.

My eyes still closed, I felt a gust of wind across my face. It didn’t stop and instead picked up momentum as it whipped through my hair and dried the tears on my cheeks. I felt a small twinge of alarm as the wind continued, so I opened my eyes. And the wind ceased. It was as if Tony had caressed my face and said, “Peace…be still.” Comforted, I made my way back on to the gravel path and walked the half mile to my car without another trace of wind.


  1. Anne says:

    Gives me goosebumps. He is always with you Amparo always!

  2. Debra Reagan says:

    Beautiful and I also believe that was Tony in the wind. Love You

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